API Development


SMP Coderz API Development

API Cloud

Cloud API’s support HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) over SSL and cross-platform clouds API is used for high-level translation of specific cloud API into standard-based generic form.

API As Service

When you try getting the address of the specific details in web app then the API service is used. Allowing you to explore Google maps, operations of web services and so much more.

API Testing

API testing is made to ensure that they met up to the user's expectation in terms of reliable, secure and performance. API testing’s considered to be critical as they serve as the primary interface to application logic and testing are.Common API testing tools are Postman, Karate DSL, SoapUI.

API Management

On API Management is used to make sure the login details that you give are safe and secure. What API Management will do it, make sure that the data’s you enter in that form is safe and secure. Information’s such as your email id, contact number and address are made sure that they are secure. Popular API management platforms are 3scale API Management, Akana platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Simple Object Access Protocol is a messaging protocol that is used to communicate on an operating system using HTTP and XML (Extensible Markup Language). SOAP is also used to specify how a program can return a response. SOAP makes sure you are given with a right response. It relies on application layer protocols and uses XML Information Set for messaging format.


This makes sure that when you do a form sign up on the college form then you are given with a possible environment to exchange your information with the college websites main server. It is the simplest protocol for exchanging information between computers across the network.


JSON-RPC (JavaScript Object Notation) is a language-independent data format and a remote procedure call protocol. Primarily defines data structures and rules for their processing. Such as for processing the data that you give on the sign-up form for the college website.


REST (Representational State Transfer) handles the requests such as GET, PUT, POST and DELETES data. That is when you enter your data on the form this API that handles it as a GET operation.