Server Management


SMP Coderz Server Management

We offer Server management as one of our services by solving little tasks which can easily be done on the server. Monitoring the servers and applications running on the server can successful be done for any running organization. This can be done for hardware or multiple servers by the help of users monitoring and managing the server system for the organization.

Server management can be done on web servers to keeping the record track of all metric that may tend to affect the server performance. One can easily monitor a server with the help of software which can easily display the parameters enabling an easy maintaining strategy.

Before you can be able to manage a server you have to own a server unless you working for an organization. But nevertheless, you need to have the basic idea or knowledge on how to set up a server. Once you have purchased a server you are likely to receive a documentation showing the step for server setup or you can easily contact your provider if you didn’t receive any documentation.

Here are the steps to set up your server,
1. The initial setup up comprises of either unzipping your download files and running them on a host.
2. Once you have unzipped the necessary files you can proceed with the installation method.
3. Most people use firewall installation as a part of their security protocol and measures.
4. Once you have installed this firewalls such as anti-spam and antivirus you can proceed with the mail setup.
5. Finally. Arranging and inputting the DNS configuration setting.