Mobile Applications


SMP Coderz Mobile App

Most people do wonder if a mobile application is a website. Well, mobile applications are designed to run on smartphone and tablets only and can not be classified as a website. Mobile applications are a program designed to run on a mobile device with full functionality like phone or watch. The application can either be a contrast to run as desktop applications or web applications in web browsers than running in a mobile device.

Most applications on mobile devices comprise web browsers, e-mail clients, and Calendar. This software is designed specifically for mobile to provide users with services and access to their various preferred platforms easily than visiting the site. This type of applications is using small software units with a limited amount of functionality like the game and calculators with use daily on our smartphone.

In early devices running mobile application, multi-tasking is limited due to its hardware resource limit. Most people port computer-based applications to mobile devices but recently there has been a great increase in application development in which this strategy has started to fade.

The reason why the porting of computer-based applications stopped is that not all application supports mobile devices when the port and some doesn’t work properly. Mainly because most of the computer-based applications use a location feature that will require the application to be built from scratch.

Most mobile applications are built for different systems OS like the Apple(IOS) and Android version making it hard for Apple application to run on the Android system or Android running on Apple device. Over the year there have been about 2.2 million applications available on app store according to statistics.