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Technology Features

All web applications are developed with an exclusive feature on the program per the client's instruction including all the user interface. We develop most of the popular web applications like webmail application, sales web application and instant messaging application with a different function or feature per your request.

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We provide 24/7 expert support manager for technology aspect of management ensuring the accurate delivery of services to clients such as clients.


We base on web development building and promoting new technologies with exclusive skills, and method.

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If not for the courage of the fearless crew the Minnow would be lost.

Native applications

Runs directly from a device either mobile or desktop build with JAVA or REACT NATIVE.

Responsive Web Design

We optimized your web pages by creating a responsive design with CSS and HTML.

Hybrid applications

An embed mobile site in a native design application with hybrid framework either with ionic or Apache.

Client Support

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Fast Functionality

Our work output quality is our priority in all service we offer.

SMP Coderz Web Applications

The web application is a program developed with an access only with networks using HTTP as their connection type without existing on any device memory. This web applications purpose is to act as a web browser being classified as web applications. The web application runs on a well manage the remote server.

This can be experienced by using a web browser to as web applications with your internet without having the issue of creating a device memory. Most of this web applications are built to use local networks like intranets mainly in companies.

The web applications may be designed with a dynamic web page displaying the application content. Our developers work is to create a website with similar features and functionality with the software application either on mobile with a friendly interface as described by the client. With our experts handling your project in many areas of web applications either building a single page application or using single page framework like AngularJS.

This framework can help in speeding up the development processes in any web applications for mobile. Although applications run faster than websites with a lot of well-designed features and functionality for performing action quicker.

According to mobile web applications, they are not the real applications but basically websites that are developed with an extensive feature of native applications. Most of this web applications run on the browser in HTML5 making it hard to distinguish between native applications. Web applications have different features and functionality that indicates the whole application contents. Such as responsive web design, native applications, hybrid applications and web applications.