Product Development


SMP Coderz Product Development

Gathering Idea Through Brainstorming:

Firstly, let’s get to know on what’s brainstorming. For instance, our team is giving with a project that’s similar to today’s smartphones. Each team member should write their idea’s for the project within a given time. This gives priority to the ideas of each and every member of our team. And in doing so we might get to hear the best of ideas which should be the main reason for our product to stand out from the crowd.

Evaluating Ideas

Now with a bunch of ideas, think on what possible outcome we will have if we implement an idea for our product. Also, have an estimated budget which will give us a briefer view on which idea could really fit the project both in teams of the best result as well as budget cost.

Analyzing Competitive Situations

When we have done with designing our product, go through the market in which we are about to launch the product. Go through other Smartphone’s which represent similarities to the product. With a detailed analysis, we can find out what could make our product stand out from the competitive environment.

Prototype And Marketing

The prototype is a basic model of our expected end product. This is where our product will take life. The model should be tested thoroughly through the life cycle of the software to make sure the end product will be as per the expectation and will be ready for a market entry.

Market Testing

On market testing, our products prototype is released, which will, in turn, get customer feedbacks from both positive and negative approach. This will give us an opportunity to look into what customer find attractive in our product and what they really dislike. By taking all these points into consideration our expected end product can be modified in a way that will make our customers feel “this is the best”.

Launching End Product

Once we are done with the end product make sure it compiles what we initially planned and also the reviews we got on the prototype model and turn it all to be a plus for the product to make it go viral. Making decisions on when, how and where to launch our product which will make an impact on its marketing’s. Selecting the right audiences is one of the most important aspects of the product.